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Why us?

Advantage Inspection Services, LLC has been providing quality, thorough, comprehensive home and building inspection services throughout eastern Pennsylvania since 1999. What makes a good home inspector? The American Society of Home Inspectors ( the largest, oldest, and only accredited home inspection society in the United States) claims a person with a divers background of education and experience in the fields of architecture, engineering, and construction will ultimately make the best home and building inspector. Our education and experience prior to creating Advantage Inspection Service, LLC as well as our 15 years providing quality home inspection services ensure a long standing reputation of meeting and exceeding our clients home and building inspection expectations (please see our resume below).

It is our goal at Advantage Inspection Service, LLC to continue to maintain our long standing reputation of meeting and exceeding our clients expectations through hard work and devotion to our clients real-estate transaction. You can rest assured that you are in good hands with Advantage Inspection Service, LLC performing your home or building inspection.

We maintain that Advantage Inspection Service, LLC's service pricing is comparable and sometimes only slightly higher than many new companies just starting yet the quality of our service is surpassed by none in the home inspection industry. Don't trust your investment with a less educated and/or less experienced home inspection company.     

Please take the time to view our slide show cover letter and resume.

What should consumers look for when hiring a home inspector? See this Home Inspectors Sting Video.

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